A friend recently asked me for my thoughts on the role of art within the church. Here they are. Hopefully you will not find them an utter waste.

In my particular strand of the Christian faith (basically “evangelical/non-denominational”) we have historically kept the arts at a distance except for music…

Yes, I feel your pain. Here’s a solution.

Have you had this experience?

  • The Oracle team at your organization is encouraging/requiring applications to start connecting to the databases via LDAP instead of other traditional methods.
  • You lookup the cx_Oracle documentation and find that there isn’t anything on LDAP based connection strings.
  • Wah-wah. :(

Thankfully, I have a DBA friend named Raj who taught me about `sqlnet.ora` and `ldap.ora`.

Super cool DBA Raj

I sat down with Raj (I wish I had a…

Michael Dunn

We can only win as a nation when we stop believing it will require some of our neighbors to lose.

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